Artificial Intelligence and Logistics (AILog-2012) Autonomous and Decentralized Approaches in Logistics
Workshop at ECAI 2012, Montpellier, France, August 28, 2012

Aims and Scope

Logistics is concerned with the organization and control of processes in space and time in order to transport or manufacture goods and the coordination of the resulting flows of material and information, as well as monetary flows. In a globalized economy, these processes become increasingly hard to handle: the resulting logistic networks get complex and show great dynamics, which results in partial observability and more and more prevents centralized planning and control of these increasingly complex processes.

Autonomous and decentralized Approaches in Logistics

This workshop focuses on one approach to address these challenges: decentralized and autonomous decision making. This theme is taken up by much recent logistics research, but is also of great interest from a technical, AI perspective, e.g., in multi-agent systems. One fundamental problem of autonomy and decentralization, especially if performed by technical systems, is the difficulty to predict global system behavior, and the question of how to control such systems towards intended behavior (or at least how to reliably prevent unintended behavior). Low transparency and controllability especially for humans are in our view a major obstacle to introduce such systems in real logistics applications. Therefore this workshop especially welcomes submissions addressing the topic of controllability and monitoring of autonomous processes in logistics. This includes ways to support human stakeholders of such systems, but can also present hybrid approaches between centralization and decentralization aiming at combining the advantages of both approaches to plan, control, and monitor logistic systems.